野生动物摄影师 Robert Irwin

年轻有为的自然风光及野生动物摄影师Robert Irwin,从小便受到父亲——“鳄鱼先生”(史蒂夫·厄尔温 Steve Irwin)的影响对大自然及野生动物产生极大兴趣。从刚刚能搬动相机时起,就开始了全世界的旅行拍摄,如今已屡获国际摄影大奖。




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About Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin is a nature photographer and wildlife warrior who travels the world in search of incredible images of wildlife and wild places that have inspired many.

From a very young age Robert has been fascinated with the natural world. Alongside his family he has taken part in conservation initiatives and filming projects to spread a message of conservation, and the Irwins are the owners of Australia Zoo. His photographs have been featured in photography galleries around Australia as well as news publications world-wide. He also has his own photography gallery and photography retail range at Australia Zoo. Furthermore, he has judged the National Geographic Kids Photo Contest and been recognised in many photography competitions. These include the junior runner up in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of Year competition 2016 and a finalist in 2017, shortlisted twice in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, won the Wondai Regional Art Gallery Peoples Choice Award and a winner in the Glass House Mountains Rotary Calendar Photographic Competition 2017.

Robert is also a regular photography contributor to the Australia Zoo Crikey magazine. He has also embarked upon many photography expeditions around the globe from the savannah of Africa to the mountains of New Zealand, the wilderness of Europe and everywhere in between.

Aside from photography, Robert has been involved in Logie and Emmy nominated shows Wild but True and Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors, published his own book series, as well as countless media appearances. Most recently, traveling to New York to be on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. 




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